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I’m always looking for experienced writers who would like to come on board and write regular content for us in the form of articles and blog posts

I am looking for writers who have the skills to write “above and beyond” what most typically write.

***In nutshell, I’m looking for people who have the skills to write authoritative ‘syndication’ quality articles.**

This blog is a showcase for my software products, and it is also be a repository for quality up to date content  and information on Internet marketing related topics. So you must be able to write prolifically on the following topics ….

  • Keyword Research
  • List building
  • Niche Marketing
  •  Affiliate Marketing
  • Article / Content Syndication
  • Traffic Generation.

If you have extensive expertise in writing on these topics, then I would like to hear from you…


Writing Schedule

At the moment I am requiring:

 – 2 x articles per week written on one of the 6 topics above (this may change from time to time) – (minimum 700 words )

– 1 x blog post per week written on one of the 6 topics above (this may change from time to time)  – (minimum 800 words) (You can chose to submit blog posts as per the  Guest Posting Guideline here )


If you are interested to submit a proposal and pricing to provide the above writing services to us, please do so using the form on the ‘ Contact Us’ page.



 I am of the belief that there is a distinction between writing  good blog posts compared to writing good articles.

For me…..

  • Blog posts are used to write more about time-sensitive, cutting-edge points of view, and information,
  • Articles are a more static thing where what is typically written would tend to be about non-changing topics that don’t need to include regular updates about new information.

But honestly, today I think the lines between the two are getting more blurred.

From my personal point of view though, I go to my favourite blogs to get updated information on some topic, and not to read a ‘generic’ article on a topic. (but that’s just me)


Article Writing Guidelines

The following is a set of guideline and standards to follow when writing and formatting articles for me.

  Article Length:  Google’s in now more than ever focused on quality/authoritative content. To achieve that, articles you write should be a  minimum of 700 – 800 words
 (NOTE: From time to time there will a requirement for more authoritative articles of 1000 – 1200 words in length. Please include a pricing option for this in your proposal)


 Article Titles /Headlines

  •  Possibly the most important aspect of writing my articles is that all article titles you develop should grab attention and entice people to want to continue to read the article.

The article title is like the ‘headline’ of an ad. It is vitally important to be able to develop and write compelling and interesting article titles (headlines) – ‘How To….”style article titles are just ONE  good example.

 **If you’re Article Title does not first grab the readers interest, the rest is totally wasted **

  Article Content

The ultimate sole aim of the article/s is for each one to be interesting and conversational while stimulating curiosity enough so that people will want to keep reading to the end, and not be bored. And then be eager enough to find out more about the subject or topic.

Where possible I prefer articles to be written in the ‘Second Person

With  ‘Second Person’ writing, you talk directly to the reader with your writing using…. ‘YOU’ language.

‘You’ language helps creates the sense that the writer is talking directly to the reader, so they feel engaged and involved. It’s also a useful technique to help you, the writer, concentrate on what the reader wants to know rather than what you want to say. When writing  in the second person the language also more active and direct.

  • Paragraphs should be kept to around 3 sentences ( max)  this makes make reading as easy as possible. (Any articles with long boring paragraphs that read like some sort of dissertation or boring sermon may not be accepted.)
  • Use bullet points to emphasis important points or issues where applicable.


Keywords In Content

My belief is that content should be written for ‘real’ people, not for robots, and not Google.

If content is written with ‘real’ people in mind, it will almost always be looked upon favorable by the search engines. Therefore I am not overly concerned with all the technical aspects of SEO

Generally I will provide keywords around which the articles would be written.

  1. Incorporate Keyword in the Article Title.
  2. Try to have the keyword in the first 3 sentences.
  3. Try to have the keyword in the last paragraph.

Beyond that, keep the optimum keyword and theme density to approximately 1% .


Final Paragraph

  • The final paragraph of any article is vitally important. You should ensure that the final paragraph include some sort of  subtle ‘call to action’ you want the reader to take without it being any sort of sales pitch for the product.
  • This final paragraph would be structured as a lead in to the ‘author resource box’

NOTE: You are NOT require to write a resource box (author bio).

Below are some simple tips on how you are to make the articles you write for me be attention-grabbing and simply unforgettable.

 1… Be Interesting . Be Controversial. Be provocative. Be cleverly humorous. Be dramatic, arouses curiosity, ignite readers passions etc.

Where it’s relevant, the first step is to talk about recent interesting or controversial issues that are related to the chosen niche.

Of course, it’s not in every article that you’ll be able to incorporate all those emotive elements I mentioned above into the topic you are writing about. But you should most definitely research to see what is possible.

Online users in general simply love reading about something new as they’re sick and tired of those articles that contain just the same old boring information, and they will simply click away from reading the article.

Discussing issues or topics that are rarely explored by others will make your articles stand out from the crowd.

2…Use Ultra-Catchy Titles

Here’s the truth; And this is perhaps the most important point of all.

You’ll just throw away the time and effort you’ve put in writing my articles if you make use of lousy or boring article titles.

I want the articles you do for me to be opened, and read, so you need to make sure that you can pique the curiosity of your target audience / reader through the titles you create, otherwise the articles will be missed and go unread.

3…Offer A Great Reading Experience.

It’s not enough that you offer readers valuable information. You have to go beyond that and make sure they will not forget the articles. As I referenced in Point 1, you must look for ways to keep the reader engaged so they want to come back to read more, and making your copy very entertaining….. interesting…..in a friendly tone all throughout goes a long way to achieving that end.






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