Surefire ways to boost your list using article marketing.


If you’re an affiliate marketer, chances are that you want to boost your list and make more money. Or even if you’re not yet building your list, I believe you want to start making more money and also generate traffic.

List building is the most fun and exciting thing I love doing each and every day. Why? Because it’s a  psychological process that helps you know the mind of men.

It’s very easy to build a list of 2,000 subscribers within two months, all you need is strategic planning and a focused direction.  In this article, I’ll  be sharing with you some of my evergreen secrets of building my list and practical steps to implement to build yours also.

Well, I do use PPC once in a while and I’m also involved in JV’s/ ad swaps, but I do something you guys do everyday but most times, you think it’s a waste of time. It’s article marketing.

If you think article marketing doesn’t  work, it may be that you’re not making use of it the right way.

The only way you can make people sign up on your list through article marketing is by making them go ”wow”.  ”Gosh”, I’m splitting the secret ( I’m not supposed to, at least, not for now).

Ok, without wasting time,  here are 5 solid tips you can use to boost  or explode your prospect list.

Tip 1#:  Make them swallow the spit in their throat– grab their attention.

Recently, I was reading an article in a local newspaper on how readers perceive headlines and the reason why they spend at most 9 seconds on a blog. The web is changing and new things are evolving, the only way to catch up with the system of this world is to learn new skills.

You’ve got to learn and master the craft of writing great headlines.

 That is the only way to grab your target’s attention.

The best way to attract readers’ attention is by cross-checking the works of old authors and how they wrote compelling headlines in their days. The secret is to adopt their style, and add your creative skill to make the headline look good.

Here’s what to implement: Spend at most, 10 to  15 minutes to tweak your headline. The body is the information about the article, but the headline is the head and the main reason that will determine whether they’re going to read your article or not.

Use descriptive, thought provoking and benefit driven titles. Make your headline make them want to know more about what you’re writing about.

You may or may not  know the power and the importance of great  headlines in your content, but with time when you master the art, you’ll know that it is very important in your list building campaign.

Tip 2#: Don’t leave them hungry, write more quality content like never before

Another wonderful tip in boosting your list  or generating leads is by not limiting the amount of epic content you post on your blog. By writing quality articles every time, you will be attracting the search engine spiders to regularly your blog. The reason why  a lot of people stop posting after writing 15 to 20 articles on their blog or website is because of lack of ideas.

Here’s what to implement: The best thing to do so you’ll never fall short of  ideas is to write about topics that interest you. Write about things you love and with time, you’ll find out that there’ll be no time you’ll be short of ideas. Another thing to do to make this more effective is by pushing your content across social networking sites, article directories and forums.

No one will read your content if you don’t promote it.

The only way to get people to promote your content is by pushing them across these platforms.

Tip 3#: Work on gaining their trust

The only way to make someone  fall in love with you is to show that you care. The same goes for your readers. They need to know that they’re cared for and it’s a must you express it if you really want to boost your list. Another way to make them to trust you is by assuring them that you won’t give out their contact emails.

Here’s what to implement: To have your readers sign up to your mailing list and buy anything you offer them, you have to show value. You need to show them that you know what you’re talking about ( which makes you an expert).

The only way to make your readers see  you as someone professional is to provide them rare information. Information that they’ve never heard or read before.

 Tip 4#: Make them see you as a real professional– provide quality ( Free) ebook or video

The secret to my success and why I’ve been able to boost my list in a space of two months is because I’ve shown my readers a taste of my expertise by providing them quality information in the form of an ebook.  From time to time, Provide free ebooks and e-course of their interest. Trust me, if you do this, they won’t think twice to buy anything you offer them.

Here’s what to implement: Don’t buy cheap or fake PLR products that’re not informative. It’s better not to even give them anything than provide  them with PLR products. I’m not saying all PLR products are bad, No. Just that, ensure you’re very careful when getting one.

Tip 5#: Educate them by spending time to write quality tutorials

Based on experience, a good way of making people sign up to your list faster is to provide short and informative tutorials.

Make it short but descriptive. These tutorials should include in it , what they need to succeed.

Another benefit of writing short tutorials is that it tends to generate more traffic from the search engines. The reason is because it usually contains short images and mostly graphics.

The more you apply these tips, the larger and more profitable your business will become.

Don’t procrastinate.

 The only way to effectively use article marketing to generate leads and build your list is to start today…                                                                  

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