How to syndicate your content for ”cold hard traffic” in 16 easy ways

Have you found it difficult to get people to read your content or generate massive traffic to your web pages? What if I tell you that you can generate massive traffic, build a massive list of subscribers,  make Google fall in love with you, brand your blog and also drive in more cash to your bank account by applying what I’ll share in this article.

I talk much, right? If you say so. I’m just getting excited with what I’ll be sharing with you because, after applying what you read in this content, your blog traffic will increase overnight ( I bet that).

Here are the steps to get your content syndicated for ”holy shit ” traffic.

1. Write ‘’epic shit’’ content and distribute to top article directories.

The web is changing and the search engines are beginning  to behave like humans. For you to woo the search engine (Google)  and make her fall in love with you till eternity, you’ve got to write epic shit content ( quality content, Lol).

Here are steps to write quality content (I do this ):


To understand the niche you’re writing about better,research is very important especially if you want to drive your audience crazy and make them go ”wow”.

Brain storm

Yeah, think. Are there things you can add to your research to make it more creative? If there is, do it.

Take up your ‘’Writing garment’’ and write without editing.

Yes, just keep writing and don’t  stop to edit. if you stop writing to edit a mistake, your mood will change and with time, the ideas you have in your mind will fly off.

Edit later.

Take up your ”edit glass” and clear off those Jargons.

2. Convert your content into tutorials and submit to top tutorial directories.

There are so many online newbie’s and internet users who makes use of tutorial directories everyday. These people are willing to go the extra-mile to learn.You can take advantage of this opportunity. Convert your content into step by step tutorials and submit to,, and

3. Create engaging content and submit as guest post to top blogs in your niche.

Link exchanges, article spinning and other methods of generating backlinks are gradually dying. The only way to generate quality backlinks, increase your amount of subscribers and also build a responsive audience who’ll always buy anything you offer them is by guest blogging. All you need is to create heart a provoking title that will make a stubborn blogger say ”yes” to publish your content.

Did i tell you that i got over 100 subscribers to my list with just a single guest post i submitted to a top blog in my niche?  Well yes, I’m a testament that guest blogging works.

4. Convert your content into a podcast and submit to top  podcast directories ( these are the ones i use):, , and

5. Convert your content to PDF and submit to top ebook directories.

This method still generates a large amount of traffic to my  blog each month.

After converting your content using a free service called, submit to, and

6. Write a press release and submit to ( this works like mad).

7. Write an eye catching title and be interesting with your content.

The only reason why my readers keep buying anything i offer them is because, I’ve learnt to deal with their emotions,solve their challenges and also make them happy with my content.

The only way a visitor can read the contents on your blog from start to finish is if you create eye catching titles. If you don’t know how to, i advise you check out and

8. Huh, you almost made me forget this. Submit your RSS feeds to

9. Ping like ‘’mad’’.  Ping each of your blog posts to top major pinging directories like pingomatic and

10.  Holy shit, this drives traffic to my blog like crazy. Syndicate your  ”epic shit” content on digg and receive huge and targeted traffic.

11. Host a blog contest and invite other bloggers in your niche to participate.

12. Build a Facebook fan page and promote it.

If you’ve not been using social media networks to grow your business, it means you’re not really ready to make money online. There’re over 1 billion Facebook users, and so making use of this social media network is a  huge boost.

Steps to build a responsive and active Facebook fan page.

Create exceptional and informative posts to your fans.

Invite friends to like your page

Give incentives to  those who like your page.

Don’t bore your fans. Don’t post content often. At least post 2 or three times a week.

13. Build a lens at Squidoo. Submit useful and engaging content to this web 2.0 site and receive  massive traffic.

15.  Join Hubpages and create a hub. Quickly rank from 10 to 12 less competitive search terms              

16. Schedule your Facebook sharing and twitter tweets at strategic times with program helps send out your Twitter tweets and Facebook messages without you being present (It’s automated).

Your turn

I’m sure you enjoyed this post and i trust you will  apply them to generate massive traffic to your web pages.  Have i missed out any content syndication trick? Please let me know in the comments…

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