How to romance your list to skyrocket the growth of your business

Your list is the main reason your business is still alive, and as an email list and affiliate marketer, you must understand the importance of making your subscribers happy.

You may ask, how am I supposed to know if they’ll be happy, or how am I going to go about it?

Well, the answer is very simple and it lies in you.

A lot of internet marketers underestimate the fact of building close and positive relationships with  their list, which is very wrong. The top affiliate marketers out there are making a ”killing” because they’ve learnt to romance and entertain their prospects such that when they offer them anything, they’ll always buy.

Let me show you a case study.

Long time ago, I subscribed to an email newsletter on dating and sex; but anytime I’m being sent  an email, I always look forward to reading and in fact, I find myself buying every product that’s promoted via any email they send. Why? Was it that I’m being controlled by them to buy, or could it be that they have enchanted me? Definitely no. There’s nothing of such.

The only thing they did to grab my attention was their conversational speech ( The way they communicated with me in their messages). They always communicate with me as if we belong to the same family and they even went as far as sending me a birthday card during my birthday. Now tell me, why wouldn’t I buy from them? It’s just impossible not to buy from them.

I’m using this  example so you can relate it to your business.

How caring are you to your list? Do your romance them? Do you care about what they do and the things that bother them? These things are very important if you wish to earn in the long run in your business.

Does your list trust in you enough to listen and act on every of your recommendations?

Well, if your answer is No to this question, I’m going  to help you. I’m going to show you how to romance and make your list trust in you like never before.

Here are surefire tips that will help increase the trust of your list in you and also make them buy anything you recommend to them.

Tip 1#: Work on building a close relationship– set up an autoresponder series to achieve that.

A good  way of getting your prospects trust in you is to contact them from time to time.

You can set up like 10 to 15 autoresponder series. These emails should be educative, informative, and thought provoking. They should be written around the area of the product or services you’re promoting.

Make them want to sit down to read every of your messages .  If you do this often, trust me, over time they will start to trust you  more such that they will be willing to buy anything you offer them. I’m a testament to that.

Tip 2#: Be free like a dove–be interactive.

You can build a solid and long lasting relationship with your subscribers by interacting with them via email, social networks, and forums.

An email newsletter is not supposed to be boring or is it supposed to include in it each and every of your offer. It’s very wrong. Your newsletter should flow more in a natural way.

Flowing in  a friendly and conversational way will make you know what they think, what their challenges are, and what you can do to help solve them.

If you can apply all these, with time, they’ll trust in you more than their friends and would buy your products like crazy…

Tip 3#: Don’t make money be your main source of motivation, be a problem solved!

As an online business person, money should not be your primary goal; your primary goal should be to solve your subscriber’s problem.

I was walking with a friend of mine one time last year, and he was sharing with me how he gets 5% open rate in  emails to his subscribers. Disturbed, unhappy, and sad for him, I shook my head and told him that I get over ten times the  CTR he gets.

How was I able to achieve that? Because instead of selling everytime like most marketers do, I solve problems and make money at the same time.

As a marketer or online business person who wish to go far in business, money should not be your primary goal; instead, seek for many problems in your niche and reach out to meet those needs by providing answers to them.

Make research and use your creative skills to find answers to this problem. It’s a bit difficult but if you do it, your business will skyrocket and your bank account will break forth!

It’s your solution that they’re interested in and if they find you as someone they can confide in, they will buy everything and almost anything you offer them.

Tip 4#: Get their opinions

Another good way to grow a close relationship with your readers is by taking surveys.

Ask them the kind of tutorial or articles they want. Get their opinions and ask them about the things that concerns them. Ask them the kind of products they’re looking for and anything you feel they might need.

Keeping in touch, taking surveys, solving their challenges and building a close relationship will go a long way to make your list more profitable if you’re willing or ready to start implementing them today…


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