Guest Posting

Do you write well and are interested in sharing your
knowledge on internet marketing related topics?

From Glen Hooke –

I’m always looking for quality submissions from guest bloggers and I would welcome
a submission from you.

Whilst I cannot promise that it will be selected, I will give it prompt attention.

Keep in mind that I’m also open to regular contributions, but for those I seek posts that are “above and beyond” what most people typically write.

This blog is a showcase for my software products, and it will also be a repository for quality up to date information on the following IM related topics….

  •  Keyword Research
  • List building
  • Niche Marketing
  •  Affiliate Marketing
  • Article / Content Syndication
  • Traffic Generation.

So you should have written prolifically on all those topics.

We can set up this arrangement in one of  TWO ways.


Option #1:

Blog posts with linkback

  • These posts can have one link back to you, and would be provided at no charge. Posts/articles would be a minimum of 800 + words –  (Note: It is preferred that any link back will be to a site that is in the relevant to one of the above 6 topics)

Option #2:

Blog posts with no linkback

  •  These posts/articles would NOT have a link back to you, and I would pay you for these posts. Posts would be a minimum of  800 + words in length  (unless indicated otherwise)


Specific requirements that must be adhered to:

  •  I will NOT dictate which topics of the above you must write each post on provided the posts revolve around the 6 general topics above, and provided the guideline below re blog post titles /topics are adhered to
  • The posts you write MUST provide up to date valuable content information on topics that are current, and where relevant, to impart to the reader usable and actionable strategies, and a practical education. This will necessitate you researching and keeping right up to date with all the cutting edge ideas and thinking happening in the ‘internet marketing’ world and in 6 topic areas described above.
  •  The posts you write for me must be original, and cannot be posted, given away or spun for use by any other person


Other criteria for each post will be as follows:

  • To develop blog headlines / titles that are interesting and engaging so to make people want to read the post in the first place. The title is the first, and perhaps only, chance there is to make an impression on a prospective reader.

A great blog headline must communicate a message to its intended audience that absolutely must lure the reader into the body text.”

Without a headline or post title that turns a browser into a reader, the rest of your words in the post may as well not even exist.

 So, time must be spent on developing blog headlines / titles for each blog post

  •  Posts should be written in a friendly conversational  style (no sermon like posts)
  •  There is NO requirement for any ‘sales’ focus to be in the content of the any blog post
  •  Post length is not all that critical. The length of a post should be determined by the topic and how extensively it will be discussed.

 **From time to time, there  may also be requirements for ‘ feature’ posts (or authority posts) which would be 1000 + words

**From time to time I will suggest a topic to write about. This may be on an IM related subject that is topical at the time.



I’m not sure of your belief, but some would say there is a distinction between writing a good blog post compared to writing good articles.

From my point of view, blog posts are used to post time-sensitive, cutting-edge points of view, and information,

Articles are a more ‘static’ thing where what is typically written would tend to be about non-changing topics.

But honestly, today I think the lines between the two are getting more blurred.

From my personal point of view though, I go to my favorite blogs to get updated information on some topic, and not to read a ‘generic’ article on a topic. (but that’s just me)


All that really counts with any blog post is to make it so good that readers will want to keep coming back regularly to read more.

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