List building strategies–Supercharge your site traffic and skyrocket your sales!


If you’re not building  a list for your business, you’re gradually building a heap of coals for your business.

                                        The money is in the list!

The only hope you have in becoming a successful online or offline entrepreneur is to keep a list. I’ve seen so many businesses rise and fall due to the power of list building.

I’ve seen young entrepreneurs who started their businesses just a few months ago and are on their way to earning tens of thousands; and I’ve also seen business men with more than 3 years on the field still struggling to generate sales simply because they don’t know the power and importance of list building

The reason  some people don’t keep a list is because of laziness or lack of motivation. I’ll advise you quit your business If you’re not ready to work in building your own list because it’ll just be a waste of time for you ( My opinion, very valuable).

I believe you may have read about strategies on building a list; but in this article, I’m going to show you the strategies I applied to get immediate results when building my list. These strategies are evergreen and they’re things I do to generate results.

Strategy 1:   Don’t pay Google– Pay yourself ( Deliver good contents).

Don’t make the mistake of fluffing your content with keywords  to get a pay rise from the search engines. You may get your hands burned, real bad. Be careful in the usage of your keywords  and focus on delivering good content that will interest your readers.

I believe you want your readers to stay and buy, and not to visit and leave immediately  after reading your content. The only way to keep  them reading and  even coming back for more of your content  is  to offer  quality and useful information.

People who love what they read will definitely visit again and may buy from you.

 Strategy 2:  Set up a discussion forum

People like talking and the only way to grab or get  a hold of them is to get them talking. This strategy works like mad and it’s guaranteed to produce results.

Set up a discussion forum and ensure you make the forum alive by starting educative entertaining discussions. They’ll gladly give you their email addresses and also invite their friends ton to join the forum.

In fact, this method works so well and my friend is a  testament to it ( I’m really serious).

One of my friends ( an Affiliate marketer  got over 2,000 subscribers to his list after about 2 months of setting up and promoting his forum through PPC). It’s very rewarding if you carefully monitor  the activities in the forum.

Strategy 3: Get a simple but well designed squeeze page

A great way to encourage people to sign up to your list is to set up a simple squeeze page with an opt-in box. Place an opt-in box  and reward them by providing a free- ebook in exchange for their email addresses. Let your page show them what to do.

Strategy 4: Do intensive followup ( Lead conversion).

Lead conversion means converting prospects into potential customers ( Which means more sales).

Experts have shown that it takes intensive followup to make a sale and it’s very important you master the art of following up your prospects. This is very  important and it’s something you should take seriously. It has a long term effect on your list building campaign.

The best way to have success in lead conversion is by:

Reminding them

Send them consistent messages on what they read when they came to your blog and the benefit they will gain by joining your list. Write in a friendly and conversational tone.

Let them know why you’re contacting them. Promote your products and services frequently to them but ensure you don’t spam them ( At least twice or thrice a week is okay).

Provide them quality information that will improve their lives ( Send them this type of information consistently).

Now you have it!

Yes, it’s up to you.

These strategies are what I implement to get maximum results in my business. You too can get these kind of result if you’re willing to work hard and implement them  to ensure you hit your goals. Building a list is not something difficult and you must not think of it as something hard.

If you view it from the wrong perspective, it would definitely be hard for you ; but if  you see it from the positive angle, you’ll find it simple like a piece of hot cake!


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