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“Are You Frustrated and Struggling to Find High, Quality Products That You Can Trust, To Promote To Your List?….

……Products That WON’T Make You Look Like Just Another Greedy ‘Money-Hungry’ Affiliate Who’s Only Interest Is Ripping As Much Money Out Of Your Subscribers Wallets As You Can”

Then keep reading, because what I’ll be telling you here will scare the life out of you when you realize how you could be slowly destroying your credibility and reputation all because you’ve been marketing the ‘wrong products’ to your valued customers and subscribers.


Hi, my name is Glen Hooke, a product developer with some of the very best software products for internet marketers on the net.

Now before you get the thought in your mind that I want or expect you to sit here and listen to me talk and brag about myself for 10 minutes….PLEEESE know that I have no intention of doing that.

I just want to have a short talk about YOUR business and where you see it heading in the future.

You see, I understand where you are right now with your affiliate business.

Right now, you have a customer list that you’ve most likely spent years building up.

You’ve nurtured that list and you’ve built a solid reputation with each person on that list over the years.

The only problem is that it’s hard as hell (and getting harder all the time) for you to find products that are actually worth promoting.

But at the same time, YOU, as an affiliate, still have to make money to put food on the table, clothes on your back, and provide shelter for your family.

And the only way you can do that is by bringing in money promoting products to your list.

You know only too well that affiliate marketing is getting tougher by the day.

There’s more competition than ever before, and the number of competitors you have is growing at an incredible rate every day.

Add to that the fact there are so many internet marketing products being released on the market every day, that it’s impossible to tell up front what is a quality product and what is just a load of re-hashed ‘c_ap’.

Combine these, and it adds up to a time-bomb than can easily blow up in your face, and ruin your business.

Maybe you’ve experienced this…..

You come across a product that’s been released with all the usual product launch hoopla, and you decide to get on board as an affiliate.

You see all the other ‘usual suspects’ promoting this product – You’re getting bombarded be emails from every man and his dog promoting this thing, so you think to yourself…… ‘it must be a quality product‘.

So you get on board as an affiliate too.

Then you do a quick email blast to your list telling everyone how fantastic the product is, and based on your recommendation, your customers jump in and buy, and you make a truck load of cash from your list.


Then the (s _ _ t) hits the fan!

Complaints and reviews of the product start to hit all the forums.

Refund percentages go into the stratosphere, and the word spreads….. the product is a total….. DUD at best. At worst a reip-off!

Next, you start getting the customers on your list bombarding YOU with complaints about the product YOU promoted to them.

It’s then you suddenly realize you’ve made a very expensive and potentially disastrous mistake.

What do you think will happen next?

All those valuable subscribers and customers on your list that you’ve taken years to build, and who like and trust you, will eventually start blaming YOU.

  • They’ll blame YOU for sending them a junk offer.
  •  They’ll blame YOU for not properly screening the products you promote.
  • They’ll blame YOU for bombarding them with stuff they can’t use.
  •  They’ll blame YOU for being so money-hungry & not having their best interests at heart.
  •  They’ll blame YOU for not being the same person who used to provide them with beneficial information and products that improved their online business.
  • Then they’ll just……opt out of your list, never to return again.


But Worst Of All…..

….They’ll just opt out of your list altogether , never to return again.

So, if you’re guilty and doing what I’ve just described, my guess is that you may already be seeing long-time subscribers dropping off of your list left and right, which affects your overall profits’ hard.

So here are the tough questions YOU really need to ask yourself before it’s too late…

1. Are You Prepared To Risk Losing Ever Ounce Of Respect You’ve Fought Long and Hard To Build Up…..all because you’re promoting products that are just plain ‘BS’

2. Are you Willing See The Customers You’ve Taken Years to Build Up Desert You …… all because you wanted to make a quick-buck from them?

Of course I know what your answers SHOULD be!

But, if you’re still prepared to risk everything you’ve worked so hard to build, and you’d rather chase the easy quick-buck, then there’s really no point you reading any further.

We’ll just part ways here, and I’ll wish you very best of luck.

However, if you’ve ‘seen the light’, and you now realize everything you’re putting at risk marketing these types of ‘credibility destroying’ products, then I have good news for you, because I CAN help you to turn things around!

Just how will I do that?

By providing you with top-of-the-line software products that are specifically focused to the internet marketing community.

You know…. the kind of products that people actually want …….The kind that subscribers on your list used to be truly amazed by back in the good old days of internet marketing.

Yes, you remember the good old days………The days when you could send out a single email and have a crazy conversion rate of 20+ percent and make $1,000 in commissions within an hour.

By partnering with me, you’ll finally be able to return to your glory days of promoting products that the subscribers on your list actually thanked you for providing them with real value, instead of feeling like you’re just trying to make a quick buck off of them.

Just why should you even think about partnering with me?

When you partner with me…

  • You’ll get back to selling quality software products to other internet marketers
  •  You’ll start to repair or maintain your credibility and relationship with your list.
  •  You’ll have the respect again in the eyes of your prospects.
  •  You’ll start building a solid foundation for long term success.
  •  You’ll STOP messing around with downright crappy courses and latest quick hit tactics of the week that totally pisses the vast majority of marketers off.


I mean it’s really a shame that every day of the week there’s some new course that comes out in the IM niche.

What really stinks is that most of these worthless products are, for the most part, nothing but rehashed products with very little new information, which leads to refunds, meaning YOU don’t get paid.

But unlike junk courses with high refund rates, by partnering with me to promote high quality software products that the subscribers on your list actually want, you’ll have a better all around deal.

Here’s what I mean:

  • Software products are priced higher, so your commissions are higher.
  •  Software products have a much higher perceived value than any written course.
  •  Software products are evergreen products…… Not like the ‘flavor of the month’ products that are only popular for a short time.
  •  The refund rate for software products is almost non-existent, or at worst case scenario, extremely low, unlike those typical IM or Clickbank courses where refund rates can easily be into mid double figures.
  •  Competition is low – There will only ever be a handful of affiliates that will get the opportunity to market my products. That means making sales will be so much easier for the lucky affiliates that get accepted to come on board. (unlike the ‘next big thing’ product where there are literally hundreds of affiliates all scrambling and fighting trying to grab a few measly bucks from a product launch)

I think you get the point!

By partnering with me, you’ll be able to sell a variety of products I own….and receive a minimum of 50% in commissions.(which is really unheard commission % for software products)


Selling Higher Priced Software IS the Fastest (and Easiest) Way To Make A Six Figure Income Per Year (and every year)


I see so many affiliates ‘busting a gut’ trying to sell cheap….$7 or $17 products, when all the time they could be earning twice the money, and with much less effort, selling higher priced software products.

But what’s even more mind-boggling to me is that, I’ve even had affiliates tell me that…..”no one will buy products anymore that are priced over $50”

I mean, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing from some of these affiliates.

They just had no clue!

Look, if you want your internet business to revolve around selling one crappy dime-sale product  after another,  then good luck to you. Because you’ll need it!

The simple fact is if you ever want to have a chance to make a six figure income, then you’ve got change your thinking NOW, and get right away from selling those dinky cheaper products and start selling products that those on your list will actually want what, and will thank you for letting them know about it.

So not only will you make money, but there are even greater benefits to be had, like….

  • You’ll finally be keeping the subscribers on your list happy (because you’ll actually be promoting something they will thank you for letting them know about it)
  •  You’ll start to really re-build any credibility might have lost in the eyes of your subscribers (when you start to show your subscribers you truly have their interests at heart, they will never want to leave you)
  •  You’ll regain your own self- confidence again (when you hit the ‘Send’ button for that email promoting one of my quality products to your list, you can, without any fear, hold your head up high once again, because you know deep down you’re offering your subscribers products that YOU are proud to promote because they offer REAL value to your subscribers)

It’s a win, win for both, you and me.

If any of this is what you want for yourself then….


Here’s what you need to do RIGHT NOW…..

I want you seriously consider everything that I’ve said.

Think about the long term benefits you’ll get from marketing only top quality products.

Think about the fact that I’ll be right there by your side giving you all the help and resources you need to successfully market my products.

Think about all of the long term profit you’ll make (with very little effort) and the excitement those subscribers on your list will have every single time they get an email from you.

Not only will they be grateful that you actually have something of real value to offer them, but you and I will make some serious money simply by partnering and combining our resources.

I know you want to be proud of the products you offer to your valuable subscribers and customers. And I can help you make that happen – starting right now….

All the Very Best To You

Glen Hooke

P.S – You have a very serious choice to make right now about the long term future of your business. And you are at the crossroads of whether you succeed long term, or your business just fades away vanishes, like so many internet businesses have done.

So come on now……what’s your choice going to be?

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